How do we handcraft a U.S. Navy Belt Buckle?

How does a U.S. Navy belt buckle actually get made? Well, there are quite a few steps on crafting such a bespoke and premium product.

Let's start at the beginning;

Firstly you need a mold, we create an initial copy of the design we are wanting to make via a 3D printer. It is then molded into a natural rubber compound to create an imprint of the design. This allows us to make multiple copies off of that one mold.

Once we have our mold, we can then melt the Pewter (don't know what is? we have got you. Read up here on what exactly Pewter is). The mold is then put into a machine that makes it spin super fast. The molten pewter is then poured into the spinning mold. This is called centrifugal casting, because pewter has a low melting point we can create highly detailed products.

You then have your raw cast U.S. Navy belt buckle and it needs processed in a couple of different ways. Firstly, the mold leaves a line around the edge that needs to be removed. This is done on a harsh sanding wheel.

The buckle's then need to be drilled for the clip to be inserted into the back on them. This is a simple task but very easily a mistake can be made.

Acid is the next step, this removes all the surface and creates this black patina which gives the buckle a unique finish. The buckles are only left in the acid for a short time otherwise they are stained and impossible to fix!

We then "antique" ie remove the patina and leave a nice streaky finish on the belt buckle. This is used by scotch brite being placed on the wheel. It lightly grinds back the top finish.

Then to the hardest part of the process! Highlighting. This gives the buckle it's super shiny finish. This is done a really hard compound wheel that takes off the top layer of pewter.

The belt buckles are then sprayed, individually bent and clipped ready to be shipped to you.

Now you know the time, care and precision it takes to create a unique bespoke hand crafted U.S. Navy belt buckle. Come celebrate the United States Navy with a beautiful belt buckle today.

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